My name is Maciej…
But you can call me Mac. I am 30 years old Polish graphic designer. I am a Brand specialist. Movie nerd. Avid gamer. Coffee buff. MARVEL comics advocate. Reader. But first and foremost... practitioner of clean design.

Am I a good graphic designer? It is not for me to say. I know how to make difficult stuff, the easy way.
I am a ‘CMO-for-hire’
A Creative Marketing Organiser. I am the person responsible for creating amazing online presence and visual identities for creative people and businesses. A Graduate of Dublin City University’s Business School and Certified Adobe Specialist.

I know how to design amazing visual communication elements. I enjoy working with creative people and design and develop their unique business image.

What sets me apart is my Carrotivity...
What is Carrotivity?
It is a mix between creativity and wit; a skill to deliver amazing visual communication and branding designs in a friendly and professional manner. An ability to understand clients needs and exceeding their expectation. It allows to see the bigger picture and not a temporary solution to the problem.

What I do?
Branding design, logo design, graphic design, poster design, consulting.

How I do it?
Consistently - Every design have the same look throughout every media
Affordably - my work is priced reasonably, and based on time and effort put into each project.
This keeps the both parties happy with the final outcome.

Professionally - I aim to offer all my clients the highest quality of work. Every client receives a set of ready to print and online ready files, to use as soon as possible.
I am for Hire!
This is a dedicated service for everyone who think seriously about their position on the market.
Flat-monthly-rate, any design request with unlimited revisions, on-demand! Read More about this amazing offer!
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